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Tide & Weather Locations

There are now thirty-five (35) pre-defined coastal locations for the purpose of delivering tide predictions and weather forecasts. These locations include Gulf of Mexico coastal areas of the United States, Eastern Mexico & the Yucatan Peninsula, and Cuba. Here you will find tide and marine weather forecasts, including sun & moon times, along with extended weather information. Investigate the Tides & Weather dropdown above. Pick your coastal region then discover these locations in full.

Our Map

Our map presents an initial view encompassing the entire range of our coverage. You can zoom in to discover coastal details such as depths at mean low water as well as known obstructions. However, this map is for armchair adventurers as reference only and should not be used for small boat navigation, especially where safety is the primary concern. We do provide convenient links to obtain official, up-to-date NOAA nautical charts specific to your area.

The Kingfisher Mobile API

Our Kingfisher Mobile API is a stand-alone application built on the jQuery and jQuery Mobile code base. As such, it is accessed via the internet and highly functional on all devices, from desktop and laptop to hand-held devices in all viewing dimensions. The Mobile API provides the same tide and weather functionality with customized settings for such. It is lean and highly functional, eliminating the full range of content provided here at The Seahawk Online. Visit our Kingfisher Mobile API here.